Weekend Tarot Forecast 11/15-11/17


Page of Wands | 2 of Wands | The Tower

You are not one to worry about other peoples’ perception of who you are. Yes, you might be young (or young spirited). Yes, you might be inexperienced. Yes, you might be impulsive. Yes, you might be unclear about your direction or purpose. But, you know what? You have great ideas, you have enthusiasm and you have what others do not: determination. You can figure this out. If I might offer you a path forward: take some time this weekend and bring shape to one of your brilliant ideas. You might be tempted to run off and have some fun with friends and to delay your destiny, but this weekend it will be more important for you to chart a course for yourself and to clear the path towards your true calling. Don’t delay your future success any longer. Put your phone on silence and sit down with pencil and paper in hand. Plan out your vision using as much detail as you can imagine. What are you doing? Where are you going? When will you get there? Make some phone calls and solidify your plans. It’s the only way you will be able to break through what you perceive as a glass ceiling. When you make the time to organize your thoughts and to plan out the day-to-day details you set yourself up for success. Don’t let sloppy details or lack of care sabotage a truly brilliant and original idea. Make the time. Take your time. You are ready to move forward. Create a solid foundation for your idea. You can plan everything else as you go, but the foundation? That needs to be solidly in place to get your idea off the ground.

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