Weekend Tarot Forecast 6/5-6/6 Say it with love

Death | Ace of Cups | The Lovers

Death is the great transformer and it does talk about endings, but often, these endings are expected. As we evolve, we can’t expect to keep every relationship or life experience. We can’t expect to keep every place. If we did, we would be confused, overwhelmed and exhausted. There is meant to be a clearing process. We are meant to leave some people, situations and places behind. We are meant to change and grow. When we stay where we are we get stuck, when we trust that change is an important part of the life process and that change comes to us at the right moment we flow with life with our acceptance instead of fighting against life with self-doubt or insecurity. Trust yourself. You are the wise one. Be discerning with your choices. You get to decide and you know who or what has staying power within your own life experience. Death of the old self and the old way of life makes way for the new self and new way of life to emerge.

You are ready to up your game and you want to explore new emotional territory. An emotional opportunity will be presented to you. Know that it is the right choice and it will take you on a new adventure that involves new connections. This choice will change how you feel about yourself and you will develop a new definition for authentic connection. This path will involve elevated forms of communication you didn’t know existed. Who speaks the same language that you speak? Who speaks from the heart? Whose word have the power to heal? Your question will become: If it isn’t said with love, why say it?

At this stage of your growth, you only want to take the most significant experiences, people or places with you to keep in your heart, but you will want to leave the rest. If the person or experience doesn’t have longevity it is not meant to come with you on this next path. By doing some major inventory you will know what has staying power. The rest? Let it be the compost for your evolution.

Five Day Tarot Forecast 5/31-6/4 You Can’t Please Everyone

10 of Wands | 5 of Swords | The Sun | Judgement | 8 of Cups

Sometimes life just feels like a mountain of work – energetically, mentally, emotionally. Maybe you feel like there is a lot of dead weight standing between you the freedom you truly desire. How can you skirt around all of these obstacles?

You might be the type of person who takes on responsibility a little too easily. You might take on other people’s work, as well as other people’s energetic burden. This is not your weight to carry. How can you set yourself free? Would a little of your own personal magic help? Could you create a bonfire in your backyard and write a list with some of the dead weight you are carrying on it and simply burn it? Release the burden to the universe? Release yourself of the responsibility of trying to please the people who are not easily pleased? You can’t please everyone, nor should you try.

At this time, it might be important for you to show up as yourself, even if conflict is created when you put your foot down and say you’ve had enough. This might be an important lesson for the people in your life. It might be an important lesson for you. Where in your life are you overly giving? When you create boundaries with your time and energy, how do people take it? This is an important observation. Not all conflict is bad, sometimes conflict is necessary to clear out some of that dead weight. And you know what you get in return? Freedom. You will become lighter and happier by leaving that burden in the past. Move forward knowing you are exactly where you are suppose to be.

You are being led away from stagnant energy in favor of claiming some time for yourself, your dreams and your wishes. Where are you being guided? Not all goodbyes are a bad thing, sometimes they are necessary stage in your personal growth. When you look up you see things some folks will never be able to see. Take what you learn and move forward with peace and acceptance in your heart space. Do no wish ill on anyone around you, including yourself. Be free. Saying goodbye to a relationship or friendship of longstanding is never easy work, but sometimes it’s necessary to leave relationships that have become stagnant, draining, or negative. Don’t feel obligated to do anyone else’s work for them. You know where to go and what to do. When you walk away you reclaim a part of yourself. If you choose to stay you get stuck. Release yourself from obligation, worry or judgement. Your intuitive guides will not lead you astray.