Weekend Tarot Forecast 5/17-5/19

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10 of Discs | 2 of Swords | The Empress

You might be part of a significant group that feels like a family. You take care of each other and learn from one another. Your position of support is valued. People depend on you. Your sense of abundance is shaped by the values of this group. There is also a sense of community expectation and obligation if you are part of this group. You are expected to participate in major events and to be an active presence even if you are feeling tired, or need alone time. 

This weekend is about creating balance. You can’t do it all and you can’t be it all. At some point you must learn to establish boundaries and communicate your need to be alone. Who or what are you saying yes to? When you are put into a position to prioritize the needs of a group over your own needs, at some point you will have to take a break and replenish yourself. It’s your responsibility to communicate your needs. What do you need to express? 

How do you nurture yourself? Everyone needs a day off. If you’ve devoted a significant amount of time to group interactions in the past week, carve some time out for yourself. What does your body really need? Time alone? Nature? Relaxation? A beautiful meal? A spa day? A nap in the park?

In a few short weeks I will be teaching a two-part intuitive tarot class in Portland, Oregon. The class will be held at Flutter. The dates are June 3rd and June 10th from 7 till 9. If you are interested to learn tarot fundamentals and intuitive reading techniques here is a link to join Tarot Night School


Weekend Tarot Forecast 2/8-2/10

Weekend Tarot Forecast (13)

The Emperor | The Hierophant | Ten of Wands

The Weekend Tarot Forecast tells me “all eyes are on you” as you exhibit evidence of mastery and leadership. Show others the way. You can maintain your independence and uniqueness and still be welcomed to a specific group and you will fit right in even if you have always been a bit of lone wolf. This group definitely wants you join their ranks. The group knows you have the skill and ability to teach other people your method. 

Your task is to get rid of the dead weight and fine tune what it is you will be offering. Now is the time to be discerning about projects you take on. Not every project (or person) will be worth your time or effort. Make your selection wisely. Also, if you work with others, make sure you work with people who carry their own weight. You can’t do it all. You can’t be it all. Fortunately, luck is on your side. What projects light you up, and make you feel on fire with passion and inspiration? Which projects feel like a waste of your time, or make you feel like you want to burn it all down to the ground and start again? Limit your work load. Get rid of whatever isn’t working. 

Now is not the time to take on any more projects. Reduce, edit, refine, but don’t take on any more. Work with what you’ve got. Not every idea is meant to be brought to fruition. Narrow your choices. What is your best work?