Tap into natural rhythms, establish boundaries, set intention, and manifest 


I know, most humans do not want to return to a hunter-gatherer status anytime soon (because that life was way too hard!) but does the smallest part of you envy the simplicity and order created by following a natural rhythm or cycle?

The obligations of modern life keep us busy as we juggle multiple responsibilities, work more, sleep less and eat sporadically; technology also keeps the world humming 24/7 and the expectation now is that if you own a cell phone or computer you must be willing to work. I ask you this: What time is exclusively your own? When does the workday end and quality relaxation begin? And how can you tap into an existing natural rhythm to work on the stuff that is important to you?

Since natural rhythms are no longer intuitive many people have to learn how to slow down, learn how to relax, and learn how to just be. There are many ways you might choose to tap into an everyday rhythm or cycle, even if it is just committing to maintenance health rhythms like taking time to eat nutrition food 3 times a day, walking before or after work, or sleeping 7-9 hours a night (if you don’t have all 3 of these things, this is an excellent place to start).

A lot of people also need to learn about establishing and respecting healthy boundaries. Healthy boundaries keep everyone safe. It’s never too late to turn off your cell phone; this allows you to show up and be present in your own life. When you say no to picking up an extra work shift for someone else the 3rd week in a row in favor of spending some quality time with your child you show up to your own life not someone else’s life. When you say no to zoning out to YouTube videos in favor of low-fi activity like drinking tea and listening to a record you slow down and nurture yourself. When you set boundaries you create order and set a precedence. What healthy boundaries can you establish that will create order, add value, and simplify your life?

Once you have tapped into a natural healthy rhythm and established some boundaries with work or your social life you can create some time and space to think big. What cycle can you tap into that will help you focus, set intention and manifest your dreams?

Starting with the new moon on Thursday, October 23rd, you can join me at What’s Upstairs from 6 till 9 for the series, Manifesting with the Moon. Over four weeks we will work on developing skills and using tools that will help us get clear on our purpose and path using the natural rhythm of the moon cycle to chart our course and tarot. Please join me! This Thursday should be especially interesting because of the solar eclipse.

Address: What’s Upstairs, 736 NW 23rd Ave., Portland, Oregon

Contact me for more info: tarotforthetimes@gmail.com

Ace of Coins: Boundaries and Nature’s Bounty

The card of the day is the ACE OF COINS.

ace of discs(11)

The fruit of the earth is meant to be enjoyed, just as our physical bodies are.  In fact, I can think of no better mantra to live by, than to ‘eat, drink, and be merry’. That said, your body will still appreciate a balanced approach where some indulgence is healthy, but overindulgence will tend to create sloth and weaken your ability to create clear boundaries for yourself and in your relationships. This ace gives you the opportunity to evaluate and take responsibility for any cause and effect situations that occur as a result of your choices and actions.

Your physical body is meant to be enjoyed for a long time and you are responsible for keeping things in working order by feeding yourself well, exercising, getting enough fresh air, light, and social engagement.

If you were to listen to your body, what would it be telling you right now?

The advice of this card is to enjoy what life has to offer but to know when your body is telling you it’s had enough. Today might be a good day to draw a line in the sand. Is there a clear boundary that you need to be making?