Five Day Tarot Forecast 2/25-3/1

Five Day Tarot Forecast (13)

The Sun | 8 of Pentacles | 8 of Cups | 10 of Pentacles | 2 of Cups

More and more I believe the ability to be happy, joyful or to feel grateful is simply a mind-set that takes practice. This doesn’t mean you look exclusively through rose-colored glasses or suggest things are bright when they are not, it means you look for the good in your day-to-day experience and you make an effort to remember the experiences or people who taught you about joy, love, happiness and acceptance.  Who brightens your day? Who or what makes you feel glad to be alive? Alternatively, on those grey days, where is a dose of compassion and self-acceptance or tolerance needed?

The Sun is going to be shining on someone this week, so be prepared for your mindset to shift. You will feel lighter, happier and more joy-filled. And if this doesn’t ring true for you at this moment? What steps can you take to experience more positivity and light? When you see an opportunity to increase your level of happiness you should take it.

Monday: The Sun. It might not feel like it, but the sun is shining somewhere in the world, even if your home town feels cold, windy, or dreary. Maybe the sun is a day’s drive away,  just on the other side of that mountain range.

Today is good day to look for some light and warmth. Maybe that’s from your physical environment or the people you choose to spend time with. Make it a happy and playful day. You do not need anyone’s permission, you can choose to be happy. Model the happy people who are around you and choose to be that model for other people in your life.

Tuesday: 8 of Pentacles. Perseverance and patience are needed at this time. Soon what you have been working on will bloom and others will be able to see the beauty of your creation even if today is about organizing, planning and educating yourself.

Wednesday: 8 of Cups. You might be struggling with a difficult choice. Is it the right thing to do? Will the choice make you feel happier? Maybe you need today to think and to reflect on what has happened. In the end, make a choice that leads to emotional stability. Say goodbye to worry and hello to brighter days ahead. Be compassionate with yourself and your choices. You have the right to feel happy, accepted for who you are and to feel loved. You are worthy.

Thursday: 10 of Pentacles. Feeling safe and secure is such a gift. Sometimes people are born into that type of environment others have to learn it on their own or make connections with those people who can teach them about what safety and security mean. Other lessons are about fitting in, knowing what to do or what to say at the right moment, and being comfortable and confident to express your true self. Hold your head up high. You are worthy of attention, even if you had to learn everything yourself. Be proud of yourself.

Friday: 2 of Cups.  A positive reception. Another person’s admiration makes you feel loved. Value your connections. You might feel passion for someone or something that inspires you. The love you feel should be reflected back to you.

Weekend Tarot Forecast 2/22-2/24

Weekend Tarot Forecast

The Lovers | The High Priestess | The Emperor

The Weekend Tarot Forecast tells me you are learning to balance the quieter more intuitive aspects of yourself with the more active action-oriented and driven parts of your personality. Where in your life do you need to slow down and listen to intuitive guidance and where in your life do you need to speed up and get the lead out, so to speak?

The presence of the Lovers card tells me you are deciding which parts of your self you want to share with the world around you knowing not everyone deserves to know the real you. The good news is, your intuition will steer you in the right direction every single time. When you make your choice from an intuitive place, a place of knowing, you will always make the right choice.

You might already know you have a really active intuitive world and know you can rely on your “gut instinct” or intuition when it comes to others people or decisions in your life, but the presence of the Emperor also tells me it’s important to share your gifts with the world around you in an active way.  Bring shape to and communicate your ideas to the world around you. The Emperor encourages you to put yourself out there, to take control and to take charge of the circumstance within your own life. How can you actively lead? How can you actively initiate? How do you inspire others? Where do you really need to focus your attention and on what? You might concentrate on a goal to materialize by spring. Put all of your heart and energy into this idea.

The Lovers card speaks to me of the balance that is created when you combine the inner feminine and intuitive energy of the High Priestess with the outer masculine energy of the Emperor. Your leadership comes from a divine, intuitive source that everyone can experience but not everyone will choose to cultivate. Balance your private inner world with a public active life. 

The Lovers card also speaks to me of attraction. Who or what are you attracting to you? Not everyone deserves a seat at your table. Be selective with who you invite to participate in your world. The communication must be open, easy and from the heart. You don’t have time for drama, secretes or weird vibes. Be clear about the vibration of the people you invite into your life. If you don’t like someone’s energy, move along and know it isn’t personal. You are looking for meaningful connection. Who or what resonates with your vibration?

This weekend you are working with the elements of air, water, and fire. You should not concern yourself with money matters, which is an earth energy worry. Your creative and intuitive abilities cannot come from a place of scarcity and worry about money. There is no money on the table at this point, but that doesn’t mean there will not be any money in the future. Right now you are proving something to yourself and the world around you.

Take your creative ideas out into the world and showing others the way. Do you write? Do more of it. Do you express yourself in other ways? Make the time to develop your ideas. Put your ideas on paper and make them concrete. Organize your thoughts and take action with your ideas. Be systematic with your work. Bring shape to your ideas. Have a real schedule to actively pursue your ideas.

You are the boss of your own world. Boss it up. What kind of boss are you going to be? Do you start your day with breakfast and then get to work? Create a real routine and pursue it 4 days a week and you will see results even if you have to balance all of these other aspects of your life. There has to be some evidence of your ability for others to see in order to truly lead.