Weekend Tarot Forecast 8/30-9/1

Weekend Tarot Forecsat (18)The Star | The Empress | The Devil

You will not get far in life doing everything on our own and controlling every aspect of the creative process down to the last detail. Your independence and natural ability are certainly a blessing, but recognize how much farther your dreams can grow and expand when you work with other people, learn to share your knowledge generously and to simply compromise when compromise is needed. Flexibility is a requirement for this vision to succeed. You are in a position to make your dreams real. Sometimes your ability to be successful really does depend on assistance from others.  Look around you, who wants to help and support your dreams? And, what do you have to offer them? What is your approach? Is your communication nurturing, open, and accepting or do you come across as rigid, judgmental, or controlling?  What might others need to see or hear from you in order to feel better about supporting your efforts? If what you are developing is money-driven or ego-driven, it will have a difficult time getting off the ground. But if what you are working on comes from a creative place, a loving place, a nurturing place, an inclusive place – you will succeed.

Now is a good time to check your ego at the door and to recognize when you are going after your dreams you will need to interact with a lot of personalities that you will not always identify with or like. That’s life. Play nice. There is space for everyone. Be who you are. You don’t have to be fake, but it is in your best interest to use your best people-pleasing skills and to be charming, welcoming and supportive. No one wants to see a project move forward that is completely ego-driven. Love what you do, play nice with the people around you and watch your vision succeed.

Five Day Tarot Forecast 3/18-3/22

five day tarot forecast

Six of Wands | Page of Pentacles | Five of Wands | Five of Chalices |The Sun

Here is the golden opportunity you’ve been waiting for. You’ve received a lot of support from your immediate community (your work is respected and you are good at what you do). Now it’s time to move your ideas out into to the world and to test your skills with a new audience. You might feel like a beginner, but really a beginner’s mindset is required for the position. Be willing to try something new and play with new ideas. Be eager and curious. We are all students. You would not have been invited on this journey if there wasn’t evidence of your skill level. You are being invited to participate in a group effort, and your patience, enthusiasm and curiosity are needed. This isn’t about you and how you have the ability to dazzle, it is about working as a unified team. There is a common goal and authentic vision in mind. Be supportive and handle your piece of the puzzle.

The whole group process might help to move or shift some of the darker aspects of your own personality. The shadow is ready to move and to shape-shift. What do you receive when you choose to let go of pain, grief or disappointment? You can release emotional trauma. Maybe one day you will decide you don’t want to be held back by emotions that make you feel vulnerable or unworthy. Let the sun’s golden rays inspire you, choose to be happy with the choices you’ve made and let go of expectations that make you feel less than who you are. You are ready to move forward and to claim your moment in the sun. Let joy, happiness and fulfillment be the goal. What makes you feel good? Do more of it. You have the ability to create your own success. Let inspiration and curiosity lead the way.

Monday: Six of Wands. What’s on the horizon? Is it time for you to go out and meet success? You’ve put the work in and you are ready for this. It’s time to test your skills and to challenge yourself with a new audience. Would you rather be a small fish in a big pond or a big fish in a small pond? Weigh your options and decide which path is right for you personally. Either option is right. Take Aries-inspired action and forge your own path. Show others the way. Leadership opportunities are all around you.

Tuesday: Page of Pentacles. You are being offered a new opportunity. Are you starting down a new student path or are you being offered a new work position and feel a little bit green? Not to worry, you were brought aboard because you have what it takes to get the job done. Show others what you’ve got. Your enthusiasm and solid work ethic will be noticed right away. Beginner’s mindset is truly a blessing. Others will give you the time you need to develop new skills related to this work. Show others that you are eager and interested. 

Wednesday: 5 of Wands. It’s a team effort. Do your part and allow others to do theirs. Help each other. Get rid of your personal ego and focus on the common goal of the group. What is the desired outcome? Your support is valued. The team couldn’t do it without you.

Thursday: 5 of Chalices. Actively work to release sorrow, pain, or frustration. You are charting a new course and it will require new energy and enthusiasm. It will be important for you to leave old disappointments behind. You might not feel this way, but I know you did your best. Don’t let your expectations or the expectations of others haunt you. We are all human and no one is perfect. You’ve let painful emotions fill your heart for long enough and it’s time to release that pain. Risk healing your own heart. Change your personal vibration. Allow others to see the light that exists within you.

Friday: The Sun. The Sun cleanses and renews. Let the sun’s golden light surround and protect you and carry you towards fun, optimism and opportunity. Success is assured. Stay with this moment and remember the joy it brings to you.