Weekend Tarot Forecast 6/5-6/6 Say it with love

Death | Ace of Cups | The Lovers

Death is the great transformer and it does talk about endings, but often, these endings are expected. As we evolve, we can’t expect to keep every relationship or life experience. We can’t expect to keep every place. If we did, we would be confused, overwhelmed and exhausted. There is meant to be a clearing process. We are meant to leave some people, situations and places behind. We are meant to change and grow. When we stay where we are we get stuck, when we trust that change is an important part of the life process and that change comes to us at the right moment we flow with life with our acceptance instead of fighting against life with self-doubt or insecurity. Trust yourself. You are the wise one. Be discerning with your choices. You get to decide and you know who or what has staying power within your own life experience. Death of the old self and the old way of life makes way for the new self and new way of life to emerge.

You are ready to up your game and you want to explore new emotional territory. An emotional opportunity will be presented to you. Know that it is the right choice and it will take you on a new adventure that involves new connections. This choice will change how you feel about yourself and you will develop a new definition for authentic connection. This path will involve elevated forms of communication you didn’t know existed. Who speaks the same language that you speak? Who speaks from the heart? Whose word have the power to heal? Your question will become: If it isn’t said with love, why say it?

At this stage of your growth, you only want to take the most significant experiences, people or places with you to keep in your heart, but you will want to leave the rest. If the person or experience doesn’t have longevity it is not meant to come with you on this next path. By doing some major inventory you will know what has staying power. The rest? Let it be the compost for your evolution.

Weekend Tarot Forecast 8/30-9/1

Weekend Tarot Forecsat (18)The Star | The Empress | The Devil

You will not get far in life doing everything on our own and controlling every aspect of the creative process down to the last detail. Your independence and natural ability are certainly a blessing, but recognize how much farther your dreams can grow and expand when you work with other people, learn to share your knowledge generously and to simply compromise when compromise is needed. Flexibility is a requirement for this vision to succeed. You are in a position to make your dreams real. Sometimes your ability to be successful really does depend on assistance from others.  Look around you, who wants to help and support your dreams? And, what do you have to offer them? What is your approach? Is your communication nurturing, open, and accepting or do you come across as rigid, judgmental, or controlling?  What might others need to see or hear from you in order to feel better about supporting your efforts? If what you are developing is money-driven or ego-driven, it will have a difficult time getting off the ground. But if what you are working on comes from a creative place, a loving place, a nurturing place, an inclusive place – you will succeed.

Now is a good time to check your ego at the door and to recognize when you are going after your dreams you will need to interact with a lot of personalities that you will not always identify with or like. That’s life. Play nice. There is space for everyone. Be who you are. You don’t have to be fake, but it is in your best interest to use your best people-pleasing skills and to be charming, welcoming and supportive. No one wants to see a project move forward that is completely ego-driven. Love what you do, play nice with the people around you and watch your vision succeed.