Weekend Tarot Forecast 6/5-6/6 Say it with love

Death | Ace of Cups | The Lovers

Death is the great transformer and it does talk about endings, but often, these endings are expected. As we evolve, we can’t expect to keep every relationship or life experience. We can’t expect to keep every place. If we did, we would be confused, overwhelmed and exhausted. There is meant to be a clearing process. We are meant to leave some people, situations and places behind. We are meant to change and grow. When we stay where we are we get stuck, when we trust that change is an important part of the life process and that change comes to us at the right moment we flow with life with our acceptance instead of fighting against life with self-doubt or insecurity. Trust yourself. You are the wise one. Be discerning with your choices. You get to decide and you know who or what has staying power within your own life experience. Death of the old self and the old way of life makes way for the new self and new way of life to emerge.

You are ready to up your game and you want to explore new emotional territory. An emotional opportunity will be presented to you. Know that it is the right choice and it will take you on a new adventure that involves new connections. This choice will change how you feel about yourself and you will develop a new definition for authentic connection. This path will involve elevated forms of communication you didn’t know existed. Who speaks the same language that you speak? Who speaks from the heart? Whose word have the power to heal? Your question will become: If it isn’t said with love, why say it?

At this stage of your growth, you only want to take the most significant experiences, people or places with you to keep in your heart, but you will want to leave the rest. If the person or experience doesn’t have longevity it is not meant to come with you on this next path. By doing some major inventory you will know what has staying power. The rest? Let it be the compost for your evolution.

Weekend Tarot Forecast 3/1-3/3

weekend tarot forecast

The Hierophant | 10 of Swords | The World

The Weekend Tarot forecast tells me rules and regulations that you don’t identify with are not for you to follow. You might identify strongly with a particular group, but have they turned their back to you? Or, are they interested in someone else at the moment? It might be a blessing to have a group you are no longer connected to turn their back to you, and as painful as it might feel, you are now able to stand on your own and to see who or what you are truly made of. The experience might liberate you. When you expose yourself people see the real you and they like what they see. You’ve put in the time. Your effort will not go unnoticed.

Please remember, everyone has an opportunity to have their moment in the sun. You are not being overlooked. On the contrary, others see you as you are meant to be seen. The presence of the Hierphant tells me you want to fit in or be recognized by a specific group, but do they notice you? At this moment, you should do work that pleases you. If you spend your time doing work with the intention of pleasing others, you will get stung. You don’t need anyone’s stamp of approval. Just show up and be yourself. Be authentic. Be who you truly are.

I know you are still healing from some wounds and you have the scars to prove it. The scars will serve as a permanent reminder of the difficulties you have experienced. I also see your moment to shine is just around the corner. If you could change your mindset and change your perspective, you will see greatness is waiting. Things are on the edge of becoming easier. The 10 of Swords can be such a challenging card to see, but you’ve met your challenges and you’ve still made it to see another day eve if you have memories of the pain you experienced. 

The World card is a blessing to see. You can start over. You can transform. Take all the parts of you that feel damaged and transform them. Celebrate who you are. No one is perfect. Should that be the expectation? You have a final scene to perform in this story before your metamorphosis occurs. Make it a good one. Celebrate who you are and what you’ve achieved. We are fortunate that their isn’t a time line to achieve greatness. With all of your imperfections you are perfect.