Weekend Tarot Forecast 9/13-9/15

weekendtarotforecastPage of Wands | 10 of Wands | Justice

You are ready to move on to something entirely new and different. With the Full Moon in Pisces you are finally releasing the last of the energetic burdens that are not your own. Once that’s done, you will feel like a whole new person. You have the ability to feel 10 years younger with this boundary that you establish, make it count. The weight you carry (the burden), was never yours to carry. 

It might be appropriate for you to do a “Return to Sender” ritual where you write a letter releasing yourself from the responsibility of carrying the energetic burdens for the time period you did. Maybe you carried it willing for some time until it became too much for you. At this point, the energy is just weighing you down waiting for you to release it. It’s a good time to write a letter acknowledging that you don’t want to carry the burden any longer. Burn the letter and symbolically release all of those burdens it represents. Once you do so you will regain that spring in your step that you’ve been missing. It’s ok to acknowledge you got a raw deal, maybe that’s part of your healing process. You don’t have to deny it any longer. It’s a difficult step to stand your ground and to create the necessary boundaries and to say you are ready to move forward. You are ready to receive.

Balance is created when you risk moving onto something new instead of reviewing a catalog of old material. Put a match stick to it. Burn it. Free any stagnant energy and let that be the spark that acts as an impetus for you to move forward.

True balance comes when you acknowledge the direction your spirit wants to move in. Once you say no to that old and stagnant energy, you will have the ability to say yes to the exciting new possibilities that are trying emerge. 


Weekend Tarot Forecast: 8/23-8/25

Weekendtarotforecast (18)Justice | Ace of Swords |Death

Balance is created when you choose the right tool for the job. So, shall it be a sword or scythe?  The process of cutting and clearing is no easy task. On a micro level it begins with exposing one seed of truth. What do you know to be true? That one seed of truth will be enough to expose and to enlighten yourself and the people around you. It is important for you to communicate your personal story. You will have the opportunity to have your say but be prepared for others to have their say too. Justice is in the business of creating balance, legal and karmic balance, but sometimes the balance that is created is out of your hands. Your idea of balance might look a lot different than the balance that is actually created. As you continue to cut away, you will discover that you feel stronger and lighter, all of that cutting will eventually expose the root and the details of your path. By using simple tools and techniques you will find you are able to move past the circumstances that were binding you. Who wanted you to stay in the dark? It seems like they will not have much of say about what you choose to do in the future. Your cutting will expose the macro story and the circumstances of your situation. You get to decide what you want to take from your story. It wasn’t all bad, but all of that dirt, rubble and debris? Why would you want to carry that with you? When you think clearly about what happened, do you recognize that you were meant to make other choices and to transform and evolve? You can’t grow in darkness. In the end, the lesson seems to be one in cutting ties and establishing clear boundaries with people who didn’t want you to see your true light.