Five Day Tarot Forecast 5/25-5/29

fivedaytarotforecast5:253 of Wands | 6 of Pentacles | Page of Pentacles | 8 of Swords | 3 of Cups

You look like you are ready to embark on a glorious new adventure. You might be hesitating before one path because you are considering your options and you don’t want to make a mistake. Which path should you choose? What if I told you, you will have a successful outcome no matter what? Stay open to the possibilities. Which choice feeds your curiosity and sense of adventure? Which choice makes you feel solid, secure and safe? Which choice creates some much needed balance in your life? Which choice leads you to a position where you will simply know your self better at the end of the journey? Which choice provides you with friendships that enrich you?

The presence of the 6 of Pentacles tells me some security and stability will be provided. Money is coming in. One of your choices will help you financially. It might not be a ton of money, but it will get you through, and it will make you feel safe. Do you have a side gig you do a few days a week that’s bringing in some extra cash? Did you get a loan or grant through school? Is the government providing you with a financial stipend? These are just a few of the ways, you could start to see your financial picture improve. You might not be exactly where you want to be financially, but you are secure for the moment. You feel a sense of balance.

The Page of Pentacles encourages you to stay eager and stay curious. Keep up with your studies and work to expand your knowledge. Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn how to do? Dig in and start learning about it! Don’t be scared to be a beginner. It’s much better to be a beginner who is willing to read and learn as you go. You will gain experience and expertise over time. Did you start some new part time work? Are you considering some summer classes? You have what it takes. Offer your best work and you will see the results you want.

The 8 of Swords is one cautionary: Don’t let a negative voice loop stop you from achieving greatness. You have a strong and powerful mind and you have abilities that not everyone is able to see or appreciate, but you have to appreciate what you do. You have to value yourself, your opinions and your abilities in order for others to see your value. You are good enough. You are worthy. You don’t need to worry. If there is someone in your environment who is planting a seed of doubt, do they really need to be in your inner circle? Now might be a good time to assess the authenticity of your relationships. Who is helping you and who is hurting you? Some people will always be blind to your greatness, but in the end that really says something about the other person and not you. Look for the people who already know you are great. Release anyone who is negative, critical or judgmental of you. You don’t need to impress anyone, stay focused on yourself and the people who are the most supportive. 

Weekend Tarot Forecast: 9/20-9/22

Weekend Tarot Forecast

King of Swords | Queen of Cups | Justice

When you decide to establish boundaries, it’s not always a personal attack on someone’s character. You might have allowed some poor behavior to occur for some time, but now, you have had enough of it and you get to decide. What do you want to feel energetically, emotionally, or spiritually? Who belongs in your space? You don’t need to tolerate experiences that leave you feeling exhausted, drained, or depleted. The energetic vampire is not always aware of their power to drain others. But some energetic vampires do know they have the power to drain and they know they have the power to project their own emotions and to manipulate what you feel if you have not put the appropriate boundaries in place. This has been a topic of discussion in some form for a while now. I know many of my readers are empathic, and a lot of the work for an empath is with protection, creating energetic boundaries and simply clearing the emotion gunk you pick up from others. Not everyone in your sphere is ethical or appropriate when it comes to your boundaries. I feel there really isn’t enough written about the ethics of energetic manipulation. Did you give your consent? No? Then why does this person get so much access to you or your world? Sometimes when we have a difficult time creating the necessary space, Lady Justice steps in to clear the space for us and she does so without regard to feelings. Justice can be a liberating force and even if it feels uncomfortable for something to be taken away from you or for your world to shift or change. Justice is in the business of creating balance. The message is: What is changing needed to be changed. Karma (Justice) is doing her work and she is clearing your energy field for you. The lessons from the past couple of years have strengthened your boundaries and now you know, you know from experience. It took a long time for this balance to be created, but now you get yourself back and as you reflect on the past couple of years, you know that you needed to learn this about others and yourself. This ending, this change, this shift will give you the strength you need to live your life the way you want to live it. No one has control of your free will but you. You were never comfortable with your free will be taken away. You never gave your consent for your power to be claimed as someone else’s prize. Moving forward, you know you did the right thing. You can learn from your mistakes. You now know that you don’t need to keep making the mistake of allowing people who are not a good match for your sensitive world access to it.