Five Day Tarot Forecast 4/8-4/12

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6 of Pentacles | Strength | The Tower | Ace of Pentacles | The Fool

Have faith, money and assistance will be there when you need it even if you can’t quite see how this is going to work out. Other people want to help you, so let them help. You can do so much on your own, but you can’t do it all. Conserve the resources you do have, including your energy.  Save some for a rainy day. You have already shared so much and the people around you know this.

It’s not a mark of weakness to ask for help or to allow others to help you. You are in a stronger position than you might think. Even if you feel like things are crumbling around you, you are holding it all together and you have the ability to tap into this reserve of inner strength, power and courage. You are strong and you are resilient.

Nothing stays the same forever. The ability to be flexible will serve you well. What needed to change? If your last memory is a painful one, reprogram your mind. Don’t negate all of the good that came from your entire experience in favor of remembering the last image that triggered the need for change. It’s challenging to build something solid using unstable materials. Pay attention to the foundation. Start with something solid and build it strong to last.

In the coming months, you will have more time and freedom than you’ve had for a long time. How will you use your time? It is a strange gift to lose something that had tremendous value in order to be reminded and to see what you truly love is simple abundance and freedom.

Monday: 6 of Pentacles. Work towards creating a better balance with exchange. It doesn’t always have to be about money — it can be an exchange of time, energy, or skills. Have you done someone else a favor? Maybe it’s time to ask for one in return. Nothing is really free. Some people give freely or willingly, but in the end there should be some compensation even if that compensation is simply a heart-felt thank you and a promise to assist the other person on a house project.

Tuesday: Strength. If you feel tied to circumstances beyond your control know it is only temporary. You are not a victim. You have strength and power many people do not even know you possess. If finances are a worry, you are going to have to summon all of your inner courage to find a solution, but know that one is there.

Wednesday: The Tower. To some degree, our whole world is like a house of cards. A stiff breeze in the form of a hurricane or tornado does have the ability to knock it down, but should we spend our days feeling worried, scared or threatened by this? We can do our best to prepare for the unexpected, but in the end, we can only do our best and hope for the best. If the unexpected has altered something that you invested a lot of time and love in, know that some type of change needed to happen. This doesn’t mean you deserve a horrific experience in any way. I am speaking more about how we can’t really rely on anything staying the same. The Tower speaks to me of impermanence. When the rubble is cleared, what is left? Your memories? An old way or being or perceiving? What needs to be cleared out?

If you experienced something traumatic and you like to experiment with tarot or cartomancy take a deck of cards and start building your tower experience by creating a house using the cards. No matter how skilled you are with building homes from cards, at some point they will fall. Let some of the cards reflect what needs to be released about your Tower experience and allow others to show you the keys to the new home you build, this time with a stronger foundation.

Thursday: Ace of Pentacles. Take a break. Whether that break lasts a day, a week, or a month is for you to decide. Get some sunshine. Nourish your body with healthy food. The Ace of Pentacles is a welcome card to see, reminding us that even in times of chaos there are still opportunities to see real beauty, to appreciate simple abundance and feel relaxation.

Friday: The Fool. You have two feet that will take you wherever you want to go. Do you want to do things differently? Start today. One cycle ends and another begins. You have choices and you get to decide what you want your new world to look like. Don’t be scared to dig beneath the surface. Where do you feet want to wander? What experiences do you want to have?

Five Day Tarot Forecast 3/25-3/29

Five Day Tarot Forecsat (13)

Ace of Chalices | The Magician | 6 of Chalices | 4 of Chalices | 7 of Chalices

There is a creative idea or opportunity inside of you that desperately wants to be brought to life. This idea is simply waiting for you to acknowledge it and to take action.  This nugget of creativity has wisdom and it has power, it just needs a little love and encouragement to grow. This idea is nudging you to use it and to transform it into something incredible. What are working on? What’s your goal? Are you getting bogged down by the what ifs? Is your mind feeling murky or undecided? Are you overwhelmed by all of the creative choices? Why are you not taking action? 

Monday: Ace of Chalices. Inspiration comes in many forms. Don’t ignore the potential of this opportunity that is developing within you. Does the idea make you feel on top of the world? Does it light you up with happiness to think about this idea growing inside of you? This inspiration is a seed of creativity that needs to be nurtured in order to grow. Start now. Don’t judge the outcome before you have a rough draft or sketch of the idea on paper. Start working on this idea today. What can you get done?

Tuesday: The Magician. Why do things the hard way? Focus, set your intention (what is your wish?) and do a little magic. This does not have to be a complicated step. Just verbalize your desire or write it down on a scrap of paper and put it some place you can see every day. A proper sense of timing does exist, you are at the beginning but you will work your way up to a final stage of completion. Don’t be scared to work with some natural cycles. or rhythms that speak to you. If it doesn’t speak to you, do it your own way, but I love to see what’s happening in the cosmos. Does it support the action you want to take? It’s spring. Spring into action! Take a risk, do something new. Continue to make it known to the universe that you want this idea to transform into something great. Something so much greater than you even have the ability to conjur. You are responsible for doing the work to the best of your ability.

Wednesday: Six of Chalices. Is your work about meditation, healing or self-care?  Or do you just need to make more time to do this for yourself in order to see your opportunities more clearly? Make self-care a priority and add a little to your life each and every single day, You do not have to be perfect to do this work. Just make some steps in the right direction. When you heal yourself, you have the ability to heal others at the same time. Everyone wants to look better, to feel better. What strategy are you using? How is this part of your own work? 

Thursday: Four of Chalices. Don’t let a rich idea pass you by. Your perspective is unique. Don’t over think it. There is no perfect time. Don’t wait. Do it now. This idea has the potential to transform into something amazing.

Friday: Seven of Chalices. Over-indulgence will not help you get your work done. The indulgences are simply a distraction from your real work. Organize your creative thoughts. Don’t become overwhelmed. Make a list and start at the beginning or start at he end, but start somewhere.