Weekend Tarot Forecast 3/29-3/31

weekend tarot forecst (13)

Ace of Wands | Queen of Swords | Ace of Swords

When I see more than one ace in a reading, it tells me that what you are working on is fertile and it will grow over time if you lay the foundation, exercise some restraint and create the necessary boundaries with your time to complete the work.

Use this weekend to take action with your idea and support the initial stages of creative development. It’s like you are being offered a gift, you should take advantage of this opportunity and expand your vision in your own unique way. When placed beside other ideas, yours will outshine the rest as an original voice. Creativity, enthusiasm and vigor will define the voice of your generation. Think fresh, new, exciting.

Step up and claim this opportunity to express your vision from a place of professionalism and mastery. Your voice and your ideas are important for you to express at this time. It also goes beyond you – what do others need to hear? How is your voice different? You will show others the way, but stay tight-lipped about your plan of action until you are ready to do the big reveal. People do not need to know what you are working they just need to know you are working.

What do you have to say? What are you trying to communicate? What needs to be expressed? How can you separate the wheat from the chaff and deliver a clear and concise message that also has youthful energy and vigor to it?

The Ace of Wands will give you some nice momentum and the added oomph you need to start. The Ace of Wands supplies the 3 D’s of desire, determination and drive. It’s time for you to “get up and go”. Don’t wast this spring forward momentum. Get in touch with this season and use Aries-inspired action. What can you accomplish today? What will you have by the end of this weekend?