Weekend Tarot Forecast: 1/18-1/20

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7 of Cups | 3 of Cups | 9 of Coins

The 7 of Cups tells me I am dealing with someone who is very creative. The message I hear is: “I could do this, or I could do that. Round and round they go! There is no shortage of material to work from. Don’t feel frustrated by all of your choices.”

How amazing is it for you that you have this many options? Your work is to organize and bring shape to your creative thoughts. Take one of your ideas and ground it in reality. Otherwise, it will stay in the world of dreams. Dreams are wonderful, valuable and inspiring, but if you want to make your creativity a part of your everyday reality, you will need to pluck one of those ideas from the sky, mold it, shape it, and make it of this earth. If you add some structure to your ideas, you will have something to show for it in time.

This weekend, make it a priority to sit down at a desk and generate a list of 7 meaningful ideas. Organize your thoughts and begin to think about how you can tackle these projects. Maybe you will organize your list from easiest to most difficult or most expensive to least expensive, or think about short-term projects vs. long-term project…you get the idea. Some choices will be stronger than others. Don’t be scared to get a second opinion.

The 3 of Cups welcomes information from the group. Ask your friends or colleagues to give you some feedback, even if it’s just for them to tell you what they perceive as your true strengths. Take three of your ideas and pitch them to a trusted group of friends. Don’t be scared to ask them to reflect back the “real you”. Ask for constructive feedback not criticism. My sense is they will talk about how strong, independent and vibrant you are.

The 9 of Coins screams independent contractor. Your work is valuable. Do you want to work for yourself? Start with what flows easily. Maybe that is short-term and create a plan to tackle long-term goals over the next 9 months. Start with what you know and build it to last. Make choices that give you freedom and flexibility.

This weekend, make a good faith effort to pitch your ideas to some friends. If you’ve been feeling unfocused, they might help you see what is so special about you and your work and help you get focused. I think you are a trailblazer who will make a meaningful contribution in the world.

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