Five Day Tarot Forecast 1/21-1/25


Knight of Wands | 3 of Cups | Page of Wands | Wheel of Fortune | 4 of Wands

Monday: With the Knight of Wands starting the week you might feel busy, active and on the move. No one is going to hold you back from going after what you want. Your energy flows for a reason and if you sit still for too long, you might become a bit restless and maybe even irritated. Find constructive outlets for all of your energy. Don’t waste it on projects or people you don’t truly connect with or trust. Channel your energy in meaningful ways, otherwise that energy will become diffused and you will not see the results you want. What do you need to take action with? The message for the beginning of this new year has been to bring order to your ideas and creative endeavors and that seems like useful advice today too. Focus on project completion, otherwise you will have too many projects in various stages of completion. Who or what might you commit to with enthusiasm?

Tuesday: You have no shortage of admirers. If you are fire sign like the Knight os Wands, you might really benefit from the sensitive and soothing energy of a water sign. The 3 of Cups suggest you have a small group of creative people around you. What might you learn from collaborating with others? Sometimes creative people need the energy of a fire sign to get their projects off the ground. Is there anyone in your environment with a creative ideas they need to move on? Maybe you are the person who will assist them with getting their project off the ground. I see the Knight of Wands moving through the week bringing curiosity, excitement and a can-do attitude. If you are joining a new group your enthusiasm will be welcome. I also see the 3 of Cups as being a creative meeting of  the minds. Brainstorming with others might help you organize your thoughts in a way you can’t do on your own. Maybe you complete this group.

Wednesday: I see you actively pursuing an original idea that has sparked your curiosity. You are an innovator. Part of your magic is your willingness to try something new and take some risks. If you are initiating something new bring your A game. Bring your enthusiasm. The Page of Wands can blaze a trail of fire for others to follow. The destruction creates something entirely new. Your idea is fertile. That’s why you are being chosen to lead this new endeavor.

Thursday: Take control of your destiny. The Wheel of Fortune represents the wheel of life. It’s your freewill that controls the velocity. When you take action you move the wheel. With all the fire energy this week there is no shortage of raw material to create the movement. When you risk making changes for the better, you will see positive results. Take a risk and see your efforts rewarded with financial gain, success, and a ton of forward momentum.

Friday: By Friday, you come together as part of a group. This energy feels celebratory. Did you say yes to working with a new group of people? This could be a small company, startup or group of classmates even working on a project. The energy is young, social, and fun. The energy you bring is a significant part of the team effort. You should feel pleased. You are making a commitment to this group, which isn’t easy for people with fire in their blood. I see all of the elements represented in the 4 of Wands. It’s like the other 3 can’t exist without your energy and effort. You complete the group. Even if you are at the beginning of this new journey, the group deeply respects your work and you will feel welcomed to the fold.

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