Five Day Tarot Forecast 4/29-5/3

five day tarot forecast (14)

3 of Cups | The Moon | King of Cups | Queen of Cups | Knight of Cups

This week proves to be a creative and intuitive week for many of us, so go with what flows. Don’t overthink it, don’t force it, just let things develop as they will. There is no right or wrong decision, don’t let other people influence your choices. You control your own intuitive development. You need to decide which process is right for you. When you are ready to make a decision it will be the right choice. Let your intuition be your guide. What is right for another person isn’t necessarily right for you. Pay attention to your own world. There is a place for you within it. There is a community for you. Trust yourself.

You are not a beginner at this work. Some people think of you as a someone who is at the top level of emotional maturity and intuitive mastery, while others think of you as their highly intuitive friend, someone who is a sympathetic counselor, and you might think of yourself as someone who is trying to find your passion and true calling, but feel lost as to the choice you should be making regarding your own intuitive work. There is no need to worry. You know what to do and you do fit in. There might be a group who really wants to partner up with you. Join the party! You will be a welcome asset to this group, even if you feel like an outsider to the core. We are all works in progress. Everyone single person out there is working on themselves in one way or another. Sometimes what we perceive as a flaw becomes what we actually have mastery over. It’s what we should be sharing with others.

Monday: 3 of Cups. A gathering. You might be feeling really festive or have a specific reason to celebrate! Reach out to some friends. Today is not the day to be alone. Sometimes our best ideas are stimulated by group interaction. Create a magical moment.

Tuesday: The Moon. You might be struggling to make a decision. You will not choose incorrectly. Each choice is simply a little different and will take you down a different path. Which choice is right for you? Maybe you have some time to decide. Let your intuition be your guide. What is dark will become light and what is light will become dark. Do not waste any time pre-judging your choices before you even decide and don’t let your past choices define who you are today. If you feel stuck, be stuck. Write a story about what it feels like to be paralyzed by fear or indecision. Take a month and work on moving that energy around in different directions. Visualize yourself opening a door to a path that is right for you. Open all the doors. It’s ok if nothing is there. What do you want to be there? Use your creativity. You might be a visionary. Use your intuition to move you out of the darkness. Meditation might the be the key that unlocks your potential.

Wednesday: King of Cups. You might be in a position to lead the pack intuitively speaking. Is this how you feel? You should. Others see your emotional maturity and your ability. You could be applying your intuitive skills in many different ways. You have something of quality to share. Let others see what you have to offer. One idea really stands apart from the rest. Cultivate and curate your world. This idea might make others see you in a new light.

Thursday: Queen of Cups. You can be vulnerable. Show other people what you are made of. You are soft and sensitive but you have boundaries too. You have a hard shell that will protect you. Protect yourself from anyone or anything that isn’t in line with your personal vibration. You are surrounded by uplifting spiritual energy. Tap into it and let it guide you to the people who are truly right for you. Let your guides lead you away from anyone or anything that doesn’t feel right. You have the ability to see and feel what others cannot. If it doesn’t feel right, it’s not right. Trust yourself.

Friday: Knight of Cups. Your own spirit will lead you to your greatest passion. Don’t be scared to move in a new direction. When you are on a spirit quest there is no wrong path. Have an adventure. Don’t wait. Now is the time to move in the direction that inspires you.

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