Weekend Tarot Forecast 4/26-4/28

Weekendtarotforecast (14)

10 of Cups | Knight of Pentacles | Queen of Wands

A short and sweet Weekend Tarot Forecast:

This weekend is about being seen and appreciated for who you truly are. Your spirit will feel energized as you notice others seeing your light and wanting to get to know you better. Everyone will want to get a little closer to you and your passion and you have the energy to accommodate. When others hold you up and sing your praises, enjoy the attention. You’ve made it! Community recognition makes you feel valued. You are worthy of the attention and appreciation.  You put the time in and created the necessary order to implement the work: you planned, you practiced and you hit your mark — you achieved the benchmarks you set for yourself. Enjoy this moment of success. You are brimming with self-esteem and you know you can be vulnerable and expose your passion to those around you. You have found the right person or people to express yourself or your work to. The gift is emotional fulfillment. Your careful planning created the stability for you to showcase your work with confidence and flare. People will remember a fire-starter who has energy and enthusiasm for miles. Your charm will reach out and touch those around you. You’ve created something really special. Enjoy your popularity and this moment in the sun.

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