Weekend Tarot Forecast 5/10-5/12

Weekend Tarot Forecast (14)

Daughter of Wands | The Devil | 8 of Disks

Some of you are really busy finishing up projects! I see people putting in long hours and working hard to complete the work. There might be someone overseeing your work that has high expectations. Not to worry, you know what you are doing and you have been putting the time in. Your work ethic and attention to detail are valued. Maybe you are working with a group and it is a shared responsibility to get this project off the ground or maybe you simply feel a sense of inclusion with a group you’ve always wanted to be a part of. Your energy and enthusiasm for this work are welcome. You are in a position to offer a fresh perspective on something that some might consider rigid, old, stodgy or misunderstood. For someone, I feel compelled to say: this is not the “devil’s work”, it’s an art form your spirit wants to take to a whole new level. You might be struggling with making a career out of what comes entirely from your unique spirit.

Some of you may have given up some personal creative control in favor of working for someone else or implementing someone else’s vision. Do you still love the work you do? Or do you now feel tethered to it?  If you no longer enjoy the work or the environment you can break free from it. Don’t stay some place that makes you feel as though you are under someone else’s thumb. Risk breaking free. It will not be a step backwards, it’s simply your own step that takes you in the direction you want to be moving. Do whatever it takes to feel like the “real you”. 

In a few short weeks I will be teaching a two-part intuitive tarot class in Portland, Oregon. The class will be held at Flutter. The dates are June 3rd and June 10th from 7 till 9. If you are interested to learn tarot fundamentals and intuitive reading techniques here is a link to join Tarot Night School


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