Weekend Tarot Forecast 1/25-1/27

weekend tarot forecast

7 of Cups | Strength |The Wheel of Fortune

Find a quiet place in your home and look for a comfortable place to sit. You can choose a chair or the floor but firmly plant you sit-bone down. Sit up straight, but root yourself.  Close your eyes and take a deep breath in through your nose and hold it for 5 seconds and release your breath through your mouth. Repeat this a couple of times. Calm down. Now ask yourself: What is the source of my anger, frustration or unhappiness? Why do I avoid finding healthy or constructive solutions to my problems? Where in my life do I give my power away? Where are the energy leaks? What recreational activities deplete me?

Sometimes anger or frustration needs to be expressed, but compulsive or explosive anger is something that needs to be soothed. You might have a very good reason to feel the rage you do, but the only way you will improve your situation is by being accountable for your own actions. Rage typically doesn’t improve ones relationships and compulsive or escapist behavior such as excessive eating, drinking, drug use or late-night escapades can deplete you mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically. Look for ways to strike a balance between control and compulsion. If there is someone in your life who makes you see red, take some time off from this person and concentrate on yourself. You are not fated to a life of imbalance or addiction. Don’t let impulsive or compulsive behavior ruin your health.

Pay attention to your heart. How are you over indulging? Where can you trim the fat? For a period of time reduce your alcohol and caffeine consumption. Cut down on fatty meats and processed foods and eat and drink more living foods. If you reach for something to drink let it be water with lemon or herbal tea. Eat a balanced diet with lots of green heart-healthy vegetables, fruit and whole grains. It might even be appropriate for you to lean towards a semi-vegetarian diet for a period of time until you become better balanced. As far as movement, look for exercise that soothes you. Yoga, casual biking, walking – gentle movements that exercise your heart without ‘revving you up”. Socially, you should spend time with friends you get along with who make you feel calm. Last but not least, look for healthy ways to express your emotion. The emotion I believe you are avoiding feeling is sadness. Watch some sad movies and cry it out. Crying is cathartic. Release the grief. If you do this, I believe you will see a change for the better. You have the power to change your life. Take control.



Five Day Tarot Forecast 1/7-1/11

I will be working with The Fountain Tarot for this next moon cycle which started with the New Moon in Capricorn just a few short days ago. I think this deck is a breath of fresh air. The vibration feels cool, clean and crisp and it makes a nice crackle when you shuffle the deck. I really appreciate quality card stock. The design is also oh-so elegant. fivedaytarotforecast(11)

Four of Coins | Four of Wands | Queen of Swords | Six of Wands | The World

Monday: As I look at the Five Day Tarot Forecast, it isn’t shocking to see the 4 of Coins starting our week. The 4 of Coins let’s us know that it’s ok to spend some time alone and to squirrel away some of our precious resources and to protect ourselves. What resources are you protecting? Is it your time, energy or money? Squirrel it away! Many of us could do with a financial or social fast. You don’t have to spend every dime and socially, every hour doesn’t need to be accounted for. Take some time to just be with yourself. Sometimes we need solitude to refresh and reboot. Start the week off right. Carve out the time you need. Maybe 4 hours will do. Today might be a good day to brew some coffee, put it in a to-go mug and go for a walk in the snow by yourself.

Tuesday: By Tuesday you are ready to join with others. You feel the urge to be social and you know that by joining with others you might have the opportunity to feel refreshed and renewed in a way you couldn’t be on your own. Are there any friends you need to call? Be discerning, you are looking for your real friends. The ones who give you energy and do not deplete you. Don’t neglect your true friendships. We all need the support of community to get through this life. Connect with others, have a crazy adventure, make time for fun. Sometimes an escape from the day-to-day is needed. Again, maybe 4 hours is all you need. Is the coast beckoning? Go out and play! It is in the moments of relaxing with friends some of the best ideas can emerge. Don’t be scared to talk about your ideas with some trusted friends because they might be able to help you achieve your goals in the new year. Maybe your friends have skills or abilities you don’t possess. Skill-sharing is important and necessary in this world. We can’t do it all. Maybe your friends need your help to get something off the ground.

Wednesday: By Wednesday you might have a prickly conversation with a woman who doesn’t mince words. Shields up. You don’t need to let other people’s opinions get to you if they do not resonate with what you know to be true about yourself. No one knows you better than you. Let’s keep it that way. Open communication is affective communication but boundaries are important. Stand in your integrity. Be honest with yourself. Don’t allow others to use you as verbal target practice.

Thursday: Thursday is looking really good as far as advancement. What are you working on? It looks like others really admire and respect your abilities. You are heads and shoulders above the rest, but that doesn’t mean you have to act like it. Say thank you and keep your ego in check. On this day, you might have a reason to feel really proud of what you’ve accomplished. I’m sure you deserve it!

Friday: Friday ends the work or school week for many of us. Let yourself deeply relax. And why shouldn’t you relax? Maybe you’ve accomplished something really significant this week and dinner with a couple of friends after work sounds like the perfect way to spend your evening. Take every small success or advancement and acknowledge it, say thank you and make your next move with grace and intention.