Weekend Tarot Forecast 1/25-1/27

weekend tarot forecast

7 of Cups | Strength |The Wheel of Fortune

Find a quiet place in your home and look for a comfortable place to sit. You can choose a chair or the floor but firmly plant you sit-bone down. Sit up straight, but root yourself.  Close your eyes and take a deep breath in through your nose and hold it for 5 seconds and release your breath through your mouth. Repeat this a couple of times. Calm down. Now ask yourself: What is the source of my anger, frustration or unhappiness? Why do I avoid finding healthy or constructive solutions to my problems? Where in my life do I give my power away? Where are the energy leaks? What recreational activities deplete me?

Sometimes anger or frustration needs to be expressed, but compulsive or explosive anger is something that needs to be soothed. You might have a very good reason to feel the rage you do, but the only way you will improve your situation is by being accountable for your own actions. Rage typically doesn’t improve ones relationships and compulsive or escapist behavior such as excessive eating, drinking, drug use or late-night escapades can deplete you mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically. Look for ways to strike a balance between control and compulsion. If there is someone in your life who makes you see red, take some time off from this person and concentrate on yourself. You are not fated to a life of imbalance or addiction. Don’t let impulsive or compulsive behavior ruin your health.

Pay attention to your heart. How are you over indulging? Where can you trim the fat? For a period of time reduce your alcohol and caffeine consumption. Cut down on fatty meats and processed foods and eat and drink more living foods. If you reach for something to drink let it be water with lemon or herbal tea. Eat a balanced diet with lots of green heart-healthy vegetables, fruit and whole grains. It might even be appropriate for you to lean towards a semi-vegetarian diet for a period of time until you become better balanced. As far as movement, look for exercise that soothes you. Yoga, casual biking, walking – gentle movements that exercise your heart without ‘revving you up”. Socially, you should spend time with friends you get along with who make you feel calm. Last but not least, look for healthy ways to express your emotion. The emotion I believe you are avoiding feeling is sadness. Watch some sad movies and cry it out. Crying is cathartic. Release the grief. If you do this, I believe you will see a change for the better. You have the power to change your life. Take control.



Ace of Cups: Keep It Moving

The card of the day is the ACE OF CUPS.

ace of cups(11)

Deck used: The Prisma Visions tarot. The Ace of Cups is known as the Ace of Chalices.

Ah, yes!  Today is a good day to think about how you bring your body into balance. Is it that time of the year already? Fall is the perfect time to get rid of what isn’t necessary in your life – this can include foods and beverages that are not healthy for you either; the process of de-cluttering your life and your diet can be liberating and healing on multiple levels. I’ve never been a fan of fasts, but I think most of us could stand to clean up our nutrition by incorporating more seasonal and unrefined foods. If you want to feel better, get your digestion moving, have more clarity, and energy, I suggest consuming more herbal tea, water, bone broths, coconut water, gluten-free grains, fiber-rich foods, seafood, chicken, fresh fruit and vegetables, and adding healthy and pure sources of natural fat (butter, olive oil, animal fat, or coconut oil). Once you get your digestion in good working order, your energy flow will follow suit.  Here’s to your health! I hope this is ace brings a fresh start and positive new beginning where your health is concerned.