Ace of Cups: The Key to Emotional, Intuitive, and Creative Wellness

The card of the day is the ACE OF CUPS.

ace of chalices
Ace of Chalices (another name for Ace of Cups)

deck used: Prisma Visions Tarot

This Ace of Cups is a fertile seed, it is the key to your emotional, intuitive, and creative wellness; plant it wisely and cultivate with care.

Unlock your emotional, intuitive, and creative potential by giving your digestion a break.

You can help yourself along by paying close attention to what you eat. Think raw, fresh, and organic and you have the idea. Emphasize lighter enzyme-rich foods that are easier for your body to digest (fruit, vegetables, broths, and seafood).

Watch your health blossom on every level as you respond to your body’s needs. When your body is able to digest, this will release energy so you can digest your thoughts and emotions as well (I’m serious, give it a try!). Giving you energy to explore your intuition and creativity! Go for it.

How to get started: For 3 days focus on meals that are built around fruit, vegetables, seafood, and broths (as well as gluten-free grains plus olive oil, nuts, and seeds for fat). Eat until you feel satisfied (3 square meals or 6 mini meals each day) Be sure to stay hydrated by getting plenty of water, mineral water, herbal tea, and coconut water.



Ace of Cups: Keep It Moving

The card of the day is the ACE OF CUPS.

ace of cups(11)

Deck used: The Prisma Visions tarot. The Ace of Cups is known as the Ace of Chalices.

Ah, yes!  Today is a good day to think about how you bring your body into balance. Is it that time of the year already? Fall is the perfect time to get rid of what isn’t necessary in your life – this can include foods and beverages that are not healthy for you either; the process of de-cluttering your life and your diet can be liberating and healing on multiple levels. I’ve never been a fan of fasts, but I think most of us could stand to clean up our nutrition by incorporating more seasonal and unrefined foods. If you want to feel better, get your digestion moving, have more clarity, and energy, I suggest consuming more herbal tea, water, bone broths, coconut water, gluten-free grains, fiber-rich foods, seafood, chicken, fresh fruit and vegetables, and adding healthy and pure sources of natural fat (butter, olive oil, animal fat, or coconut oil). Once you get your digestion in good working order, your energy flow will follow suit.  Here’s to your health! I hope this is ace brings a fresh start and positive new beginning where your health is concerned.