Weekend Tarot Forecast 4/10-4/12

WeekendTarotForecastPage of Pentacles | Queen of Cups (clarifying card: The Magician) | Judgment (clarifying card: The Hierophant)

Be willing to try something new. Be willing to learn. I know it’s difficult to walk away from the dream job you manifested, one where you had a lot of freedom and autonomy, one where you felt connected to your work, were respected by your peers for your innovation, and one where you ultimately had the power to create what you wanted, when you wanted to create it. It’s ok to have feelings around the loss of work that you truly identified with, gave you energy and autonomy and a sense of personal power and security. When you look to the future, recognize you will be put into a position where you will be learning and adjusting to an entirely new way of being in the world. You might be on the cusp of choosing a new educational path or a new career, one where you will need to be willing to be a bit green. You might have to do some research, take some classes, update your resume, or possibly start at the bottom in a new field in order to build something solid and stable once again. You will bring a lot of insight and ambition to a new group experience. The group will respect your ability. You are already someone who has great ideas and you are able to work independently and you simply have the energy and stamina to take this new path. If you can cut cords with how you feel emotionally about the work you used to do, you will realize that you are being called to move in a new direction. The new direction respects what you created from you past, but they want you to work as part of a team, they want you to be humble, eager and willing to learn. They do not want someone who is cocky or arrogant or someone who doesn’t feel like they need to learn anything new from someone who might have more experience or expertise. Be willing to follow someone else’s rules. You might find you have a mentor on this new path, one that’s willing to work with your lone wolf ways. This mentor might understand your intuitive and empathic abilities like no others were able to truly understand, acknowledge or appreciate. 

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