Weekend Tarot Forecast 4/17-4/19

Weekend Tarot ForecastThe Chariot | Knight of Cups | Temperance

You might be the type of person who really enjoys momentum and always wants to be “on the go”. Maybe you are someone who enjoys traveling or a night of wining and dining out on the town. You also might have a strong sense of ambition, feel a lot of personal motivation and the desire to get your work done. But instead of charging forward, you are now being asked to be still, to listen, to reflect and to create balance in your life. This is no easy task for anyone who is filled with a lot of fire and the motivation to make their dreams a concrete reality and it can actually feel frustrating to feel like you are not moving forward with your goals. Please remember: Your dreams are still there. Your sense of ambition is still there. Your ability to do the work  is still there. But, instead of going full force you are being asked to concentrate on the here and now which can feel quite a bit slower. This doesn’t mean you can’t work on what your vision will look like, or create the necessary steps to get there. 

You might be wondering: Where are you going? How are you going to make your first move? What steps are you going to take that get you from point a to point b? When are going to get to your final destination?

Some of the answers to your questions will only come from quiet contemplation and self-reflection. Does some aspect your life need to slow down in order for you to see who or what is most important to you? Are you meant to concentrate your efforts on healing your most fulfilling personal relationship or the relationship you have with your self? When you think about spending time nurturing your self or a significant relationship, how does this make you feel? Do you feel impatient? Do you feel frustrated by the idea of slowing down? Do you feel like choices are being taken away? Is it possible that some of your person drive is actually burning you out because you want to get to your destination as fast as possible instead of focusing on some quieter moments along the way to your destination? 

Healing will come from self-reflection, be open to the inner guidance that comes from listening to your intuition. Focus on the simple moments that balance out the whole (making meals for yourself, drinking water, regular sleep, exercise, and nature). Make the time, create the space and allow your personal healing to lead you to a path of self-discovery.

Weekend Tarot Forecast 1/10/20-1/12/20

weekend tarot forecastFive of Cups | The Empress | The World

The Full Moon in Cancer and Lunar Eclipse happening on January 10th, 2020, are not for the faint of heart. People are being asked to let go and to do real emotional work to change their circumstances. Where in your life are you hanging on a little too tightly? And what do you receive from hanging on with that death grip? How do memories of your past experience still leave you feeling unsafe, stuck, or vulnerable? When you actively work to release your feelings around your past circumstances what kind of healing do you receive?

The advice for this weekend is: Remember the past for what it is (I know it was good), but do not dwell on the past instead of living in the present moment or you will miss out on the new emotional opportunities being offered.

In your past, you had an amazing experience with someone you loved. I know this  person was supportive, kind, creative, sensual, and nurturing. This person helped to shape the person you are today.  You shared so many experiences. What makes this loss painful are the share memories that continue to haunt you. The trips you took, the music you listened to, the family you created, your community of friends, the inside jokes that let the world know you were in a committed partnership, you were a team. It’s difficult to see yourself separated from this person because you were all in, you were emotionally invested, but the relationship has been over for some time now, years even. Don’t be angry with the other person for growing up, or for changing or for striving for something more. I see the other person as someone who was eager and ambitious, this person’s effort compelled them to move in a new direction. In the end, I see the other person prioritized their own self-care over taking care of anyone else’s emotional needs. This can feel painful when you become used to someone else always being there to pick up the pieces or to make things easier or better.

Endings are always painful, but the person you lost also feels what you feel: regret, loss, and ultimately sadness about a relationship that didn’t work out. You are now in a position to release some of those painful emotions and to release the idea that you or the other person are at fault.

When you accept what is, you recognize that you too are worthy of a new beginning. Close out this outdated chapter. Start a new cycle. Prioritize your own feelings and your own desires. Take care of your body and your emotional needs. See beauty in the people around you. Recognize and prioritize the people who are offering you new opportunities to love once again. Real opportunities for connection will now start to come in.