7 Day Tarot Forecast: 6/8-6/14

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Son of Wands | Empress

Monday/5 of Cups. Emptiness. Emotionally speaking, the magic is gone, and there is not enough energy left to provide for anyone or anything. What to do? Imagine what a tiny healing spark of light feels like and focus on that energy growing inside of you – only then will you be able to generate some of the magic you’ve been missing, only then will you be able to provide some of that magic for another person. When I see the 5 of Cups, it speaks to me of loss and disappointment, but also of the opportunity for renewal. You might feel as though you are in “survival mode”, please know that it is ok to do less emotional laboring. Some of you might need to focus some attention on basic mundane tasks such as: getting up each morning, getting dresses, eating breakfast, drinking water, brushing your teeth, going for a morning walk, sleeping and possibly helping others with those tasks as well (if you are a parent or a caretaker). Focus some time and attention each day on loving the parts of yourself that feel unloved. Mother yourself.

Tuesday/Justice. Some of the best lessons in life are not demonstrated by what we say, but are demonstrated by what we do. It’s easy to say we want to change, or we want more opportunities to be with the people we care about or  more time to do the things that matter most. It’s easy to say we want to establish healthy boundaries. But, what happens when people in your environment teach you about change, in ways you don’t expect? Or, someone shows you some tough love when you need it most? What happens when the people in your environment show up but you don’t? Each and every day we are presented with opportunities that teach us what we need to know at the time. How else would we learn? If you’ve been learning some tough lessons, take today to reflect, rest and create the necessary balance that will help you reset and recharge your battery.

Wednesday/Daughter of Discs. Sometimes we need to clean and clear our physical space before anything can be cleared from our emotional space or heart. What needs to be cleared from your physical environment? How can you simplify your surroundings so that you can see what needs priority and the most attention in your own life at this time?

Thursday/6 of Cups. Connect with people who lift your spirits. Who is bringing you light-hearted adventure, inner peace and joy? Who do you trust? Who has always been there for you? Who is able to provide you with some kind of emotional renewal without you even requesting it? Sometimes the right people can help renew our spirits. Focus more time and attention on a smaller core group of friends.

Friday/10 of Cups. This weekend appears to be about taking time off to appreciate your community, your family and yourself. If you’ve been feeling emotionally overwhelmed, focus on your immediate environment. Who is showing up for you and who do you want to show up for? What causes are the most important to you? You can’t do it all. Make some choices about which actions to take and what truly speak to your heart. How can you best support your own community? You are just one person, when you combine your efforts with others magical results can be created. Also, take time to celebrate and make memories with the people who have stood by you. Celebrate and honor this life together.

Saturday/Son of Wands. Use this weekend to play. Have some family time. Call some friends. Participate in a backyard BBQ. Allow others to entertain you and lift your spirits. You do not need to be “on” 100 percent of the time. Down time is a requirement for your full-time position as a human.

Sunday/Empress. R n’ R. Take care of yourself.  Self-love. Self-renewal. Self-reflection. Self-respect. The natural world can help with all of this. Find a spot in nature and spread out a blanket, bring some books, and focus some time and attention on your personal needs. Everyone needs at least 1 day to focus on their own health and happiness. Carve out the time you need to be with just yourself.

Weekend Tarot Forecast 3/22-3/24

Weekend Tarot Forecast (13)

Six of Chalices | Six of Swords | Ace of Swords

This weekend is a good remind that self-care, healing and renewal are all things you have control over. If your mind goes to the happy place of summer, rest assured it is coming, but appreciate the subtle changes from winter to spring that are here now.

Change happens so slowly, within ourselves and our environment. If your mind or body feels stuck in a “dark night of the soul”, look up and look around you. What might you take advantage of in your own home or your own back yard that will lighten your perspective and make you feel more at peace with who you are and where you are right now? I know you are longing for summer, but you don’t have to stay stuck in a winter mindset when there is evidence of the environment becoming a friendlier place to exist.

Your healing is in your own hands. You have the strength and the power to get through any challenges by going within, cutting out distraction, getting back to the basics and simply creating the time and space for yourself to do the work. When you focus on yourself and focus on your own healing, you will notice that it becomes less work to sustain feeling positive or light. Your vibration will get lighter, your body will get lighter, and your thoughts will get lighter too. Other people can affect our mood. Other people’s actions, other people’s words, other people’s life choices. Our environment is loud and sometimes toxic.

Sometimes we are put into a position where we must create boundaries for ourselves in order to survive and to truly thrive. If you are put into a position to draw a line in the sand, know that it’s not because the people in our life are bad or certain lifestyle choices are bad but these choices are not working for us at this moment in time. Cut out what doesn’t need to be there.

Less is more. The Ace of Swords will help you be discerning. Use it as a tool to cut away any of the parts that are no longer serving the person you are today. If you are looking for clarity, get away this weekend, take the time you need for a personal retreat. Create the space in your own life to cultivate perfect health and to let it transform you. You have control over how you feel, how you look, and what you think. Be kind to yourself. Say nice things to yourself. Look for the good in yourself and your life.