5 Day Tarot Forecast: 2/11-2/15

Tarot Forecast

The Fool | The Chariot | Temperance | Ace of Cups | Six of Wands

The Five Day Tarot Forecast tells me an exploratory attitude and positive disposition will get you moving in the right direction. Leave your worries behind and think only of this moment. Adventure awaits. The presence of the Fool card often expresses the beginning of new cycle, but my sense is you will advance easily to this next level by hitching a ride with someone who is moving in the same direction as you. Do you have the same goal? No matter, the ride will get you closer to your destination. It looks like you will  bi-pass some steps in favor of connecting to another person’s energy or sense of forward momentum.

Luck is all around you. Your risk is supported. Say yes to the adventure. The Chariot card speaks to me of hustle and bustle, so there might be planes, trains and automobiles in your week, but they will get you closer to the renewal you are looking for. Sit back and enjoy the ride, no matter how many modes of transportation you need to take in order to get to your destination.

By midweek, you will be feeling relaxed and renewed without a care in the world. Maybe you will take a few days off to just be with yourself or one other person. It’s a great opportunity to heal a relationship or connect with someone you love (or to love yourself more).

By the end of the week you will have your energy back and be ready to paint the town red. If you are traveling, use your destination as an opportunity to rest deeply. By Friday, people in your environment will notice that you are looking really good. A healthy self-esteem will always be noticed.

Monday: The Fool. Take a risk and move in a new direction. Go on a trip. Find a new outlet for your energy. Today is about being in the moment, feeling light in your footsteps and free in your heart. Don’t bring any baggage from the past with you. Start over, completely over. You are being offered a new life and a new way of being in the world. Connect with new people and new experiences. People from your past will not help you. Look forward. Find new friends and new opportunities. The people in your environment also want to connect with what feels fresh, young, exciting and simply different. Are you different? Connect with others who are of a similar vibration.

Tuesday: The Chariot. You might be feeling fatigued by the bumpy road, but really you are getting to your destination very quickly. Don’t be scared to hitch a ride with a stranger. All new friends begin as strangers. If your friend has a map, all the better, you can have an adventure together. You can get off this ride at any point. You are not committed to any particular person or experience except for what you decide.

Maybe you are shape-shifting and your fast-moving energy and forward momentum will help those around you. Are you the one blazing a trail? I know you are in the driver’s seat. Be clear about your direction. What is right for you? The Chariot also organizes and prepares. There is no question about direction because everything is written out and plain to see.

Wednesday: Temperance. By midweek, you will slow down. Take it easy today. Less is more. Get back to the basics of making food for yourself, getting enough sleep and spending time outside. Recalibrate. You have different speeds, it doesn’t have to be fast and furious all the time.

Thursday: Ace of Cups. A gift. If you love another person there will be an opportunity for connection. If you are single there will be an opportunity to love (even if it is yourself). Healing and inspiration come in a variety of different packages. Be open to receiving and see what this day will bring you.

Friday: Six of Wands. You will be noticed today. There is plenty to admire. When you take care of yourself and the tools you work with, it will show. Stay on guard and be ready to move. You are no ones prey. Even when you are in a resting position be ready to move in a new direction.

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