Five Day Tarot Forecast 4/1-4/5

Five Day Tarot Forecast(13)

Ace of Chalices | The Hanged Man | 7 of Chalices | Queen of Chalices | The Sun

I feel as though I am communicating with some water signs this week. Is this the case? Make your presence known in the comments when you feel ready to share.

You might feel “under water” this week. Trying to stay on top of it all is taking its toll. You might be doing some deep emotional work where you are going in and going under. Are you trying to separate the good from the bad? Some emotions are raw and like live wires that might make you feel some remorse or regret. You don’t have to stay there. What is real and what is illusion? You don’t have to stay stuck in the muck, don’t try to take it all with you. And why would you want to? Take the best memories and scrap the ones that didn’t turn out to your liking, why go over and over a painful memory or experience? Why not just acknowledge that it’s there, but make every effort to be in this moment instead of worrying about what you didn’t do right in the last moment?

There is a proper sense of timing for everything. Including healing from regret or remorse. Don’t try to escape from it. Acknowledge it. Heal it. If you focus on renewing yourself, you will be that much closer to a happy ending. The longer you stay stuck in the past, letting old wounds create deeper scars, and letting old ideas and unfinished business haunt you the longer you will stay stuck. Why not start fresh? Some new energy wants to come in. Maybe it starts with you focusing in on taking care of yourself. You might not be able to control what happens in this moment, what other people choose to say or do, but you can control your thoughts and you can control your actions. This week looks like you are making decisions from your emotional center. What does your heart and spirit most want to do? 

Monday: Ace of Chalices. Your body needs a little assistance. When your body flows, so does your mind and spirit. Focus on drinking pure water, eating water rich fruit and vegetables, whole grains, legumes and even some seafood, if your diet allows for it.  When you lighten your food choices, you give your digestion a break. Your emotional state is connected to how your body feels. Is everything in working order? Or is your digestion feeling stuck? Are you resistant to change? What are you not digesting emotionally? If you can work with your body and help it to flow, you will find your emotional state will flow too. Don’t resist. Let it go, let it flow. Tears are also cathartic and healing.

Tuesday: The Hanged Man. 2019 is a Hanged Man year, so no one is escaping a date with this card this year. What does this mean? You are being given the opportunity to practice your resilience. How do you respond to your life circumstances? You are more  buoyant than you might believe, if your life circumstances feel like they drowning you, use your mind to help you rise to the surface. Focus on your inner landscape. Allow yourself to be still and to float. You might want time to move more quickly on the outside, but really the fastest changes are occurring on the inside. The only action you should be taking is related to self-preservation. Are you meeting your core survival needs? There is a practical element to this card. Sometimes you need to do what you need to do to get through the day. There is no time for regretting what happened in the past and we cannot look too far into the future. Your best bet is to focus on what you have right here right now. Go for a walk in nature. Tap into what is beautiful in your environment. Plant a garden. Think about what you want to grow and develop over the next year that will be supporting you by 2020. Plant the seed now. Plant the intention now.

Wednesday: 7 of Chalices. We all have regrets. Let them go. Release the emotions that are causing you to feel pain or remorse. Do not allow your emotions to pull you down into the muck. There is good inside us all. Focus on the good. Don’t let past regrets keep you feeling stuck. You are not stagnant, you are able to flow and to move. Use your art to work through your emotions. It might end up being your best work.

Thursday: Queen of Chalices. You might feel more like yourself today. Intuitive, sensitive and aware. Your intuitive inner work helps you rise above it all. You are learning to master the spiritual and emotional landscape. Protect yourself with meditative rituals that include grounding, centering and shielding. These are tools that will assist you with emotional self-preservation.

Friday: The Sun. Don’t waste the New Moon in Aries that occurs today. Make some wishes for your future. The sun is pure fire and Aries is a fire sign. Seize the day. The world is your canvas. Paint the future you want to see. Transform your experience. Ground your ideas in reality. Your reality has the potential to be vibrant, colorful, youthful, fun, enlightening, fresh, new, expansive, joy-filled and exhilarating. Get out there and make it so.

Weekend Tarot Forecast 3\8-3\10

Weekend Tarot (13)

Ace of Swords | The Star | 8 of Pentacles

Your ability to heal must begin with yourself. What needs attention? Creating healthy boundaries has been a huge theme with my intuitive readings the past few weeks, and I’m going to stay with that theme for a bit longer. The question that presents itself is: How can you create loving boundaries for yourself in order for the world to recognize your true gifts,  potential and talents? Are others seeing the real you or some ego driven shadow version of yourself? Have you been allowing your ego to reign over your communication style within your work or your creativity? Have you been feeling annoyed or do you get frustrated easily with the people around you? It might be time for some internal spring cleaning. Get rid of the debris and the dark parts that cling to you, expose the lighter version of yourself. Isn’t that the real you? 

Start with a meditation. Find a comfortable seat in your home and close your eyes. Breathe in. Breathe out. Focus on your breath and breathe naturally, normally and slow things down. Picture a spot of white light inside of your stomach and think about expanding that light as if you are blowing a bubble that just continues to expand but never pops. Take that light and fill every dark space within you body, as the light expands within you, it will have no choice but to push out the psychic impressions that are not your own and the light will clear the cobwebs left from old wounds and human scars you continue to think about and carry within. Focus on filling your body with pure white light in order to “power wash” every single dark nook and cranny within. When you expand that white light like a bubble, that light can’t help to move past your human form and move into your aura and the energy field that surrounds and protects you. Fill your aura with white light and let that light be what protect you. Illumination comes from within.

The message I am receiving is you don’t have control over the interpretation but you do have control over the intention. Do you want to inspire? Do you want to heal? Do you want to lighten what other people see? Model light. When you focus some healing light on yourself, you will have that light to share with others. The seed of truth begins with the healthiest version of yourself.

It’s time to make your dreams and wishes real in this world. Like attracts like. Be conscientious about who or what you attract. Cultivate and curate your garden of potential. Tend to your garden. Create the space for something beautiful to bloom. When you take care of what you create. It will take care of you. Do it because you love it. Take pride in what you do and watch it flourish within and around you.