Weekend Tarot Forecast: 8/18-8/18

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Ace of Wands | 8 of Pentacles | Ace of Swords

I promise, things will get back to normal once September arrives. But for now? You are taking some time to smell the roses. Isn’t this what summer is all about? Making time and space for the people and activities that matter most and resting from the routine and consistency of daily work? Some of us have put projects on hold in favor of living more in the moment. This is what is right for you. You are not inattentive. You are appreciating this moment in time. You will feel inspired to act on your thoughts in the next week or so. It’s your responsibility to nurture and support the solid idea that is growing inside of you. You’ve done most of the work. Let the idea shine. I promise, your idea will be noticed once you reveal it and allow others to see what’s been incubating over the summer. 

Remember you are not in a position where you need to place all of your eggs in one basket, Cast your net open wide, if your work doesn’t receive the accolades you feel it deserves that doesn’t mean you are not doing good work. It might be important for you to communicate your idea to a very specific audience. Who has attention for your work? Are you talking about what you do? Keep it brief. Your ideas are full of inspiration and they will attract the people who are right to receive the information. Who might be a solid ally for the work you have to reveal?

Stay alert. You are not waiting around. Be attentive and focus your thoughts on the outcome you desire, but then be prepared to put some action behind it. This shouldn’t be a problem. I see that you’ve put time into planning, organizing, nurturing and cultivating.  Your idea is ready to be received. Your energy and passion for what you do will be noticed immediately. How can others not feel compelled to look at the brightest light in the sky? 


Weekend Tarot Forecast 5/24-5\26

Weekend Tarot Forecast (15)

The Lovers | The Chariot | Strength

You have something unique you need to express. Once you make your ideas real, tangible and solid that energy will gather some momentum and be able to move forward. Remember there are no wrong choices, don’t overthink it. Our minds love to create worry (especially if you are an air sign), but you have nothing to fear. Part of your work is to make a decision, and to be aware of the proper timing to take action with that idea. Is it the right time? Pay attention to the cosmos. Gemini season is upon us. What placement does Gemini have in your astrological chart and does it work to your advantage? What role does effective communication play in the choice you are making?

This weekend looks really balanced. You are working with the elements of air, water and fire. Your only task is to bring shape to your ideas, to nurture and support them, and to take action. Do not worry about how the idea will support you physically. That is not the most important part of this equation. Working with the 3 elements you have available to you gets you to where you need to be. Your job is to come correct with your own spirit. Be aware of natural rhythms and cycles and see how they support you. Work when you need to and rest when you need to. Everything is connected and you are part of the cycle. What’s your role? You are fortunate enough to have the gifts of strength, stamina, and compassion. You also have the ability to charm others even if the person you are charming is a predator. Know your audience. Express yourself with this information in mind.

This is a good weekend to organize and bring shape to your unique ideas. What materials are you working with? You would not consider traveling without a road map. The same should be true of the work you put out into the world. It’s important for you to do the organizational component so that others can follow your train of thought.

In about a week I will be teaching a two-part intuitive tarot class in Portland, Oregon. The class will be held at Flutter. The dates are June 3rd and June 10th from 7 till 9. If you are interested to learn tarot fundamentals and intuitive reading techniques here is a link to join Tarot Night School. You must RSVP to the class by no later than June 2nd to participate.